Telus Mobile Internet Fixed Plan or Flex Plan

Discussion in 'Mobile Internet' started by Dave, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Dave

    Dave New Member

    I am planning on getting a new Telus mobile internet connection and can not decide between the fixed plan and flex plan. Sometimes I do use more data than I need and it goes over the limit, so the flex plan does seem tempting, but then I don't want to be downloading and end up paying for a costly plan, where as having a fixed plan will mean that I would keep a tab on the data I have used. I am quite confused in what to do, so I would appreciate it if I would get some help on this issue.
  2. MWebber

    MWebber New Member

    Well I think this is something which depends on how much data you use. Currently how much data are you using a month, use this estimate to decide whether you should get a fixed or flex plan. Also another factor to look into is what your monthly budget is and decide according to that which plan to get, if you provide these details then advise can be given to which plan to get.
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