Does mobile Internet differ according to province in Canada

Discussion in 'Mobile Internet' started by Malcom, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Malcom

    Malcom New Member

    I am moving to Canada from United Kingdom and I have had a look at quite a few ISP's which are available in Canada, and I have to say its quite different from United Kingdom, simply because of the provinces. I would like to know that do the ISP charges, plans or tariffs differ according to the province you stay in or is the same nationwide? The reason I ask this is for the first year of my stay in Canada I will be shifting from province to province and its not known exactly which province the next will be. So I was hoping to get a mobile broadband connection which would give me good speed for a good cost nationwide.
  2. Gordon

    Gordon New Member

    Yes the ISP tariffs and packages are different according the the province. As you said you would be moving from province to province yes mobile broadband would be the best choice for you. Depending on your duration in a province you can always apply for a new connection each time you shift places, if that is feasible.
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